A 38-year-old man from Milton, Fla., was arrested after he was caught squatting in a vacant home in Santa Rosa Beach over the weekend.

When Walton County sheriff’s deputies found Roy Stokes in the home in Hogtown Bayou, they discovered he had two warrants out of Santa Rosa County for sexual assault on a child.

Stokes, who had a knife on him, told deputies he was “hiding out,” according to the Sheriff’s Office. He had been in the home for 13 days.

Stokes was arrested and charged with armed burglary, possession of a concealed weapon and theft of utilities.

“We really want to encourage our local realtors and those with summer homes in our county to be vigilant,” said Walton County Sheriff Michael Atkinson. “It’s important to check in on your homes and make sure if you see anything suspicious you report it as soon as possible.”