Tucked between Camp Creek Lake, Alys Beach and Rosemary Beach is a colorful and thriving beach community called Seacrest. Close to everything, and yet somehow quite relaxed, Seacrest is an ideal place to reconnect with friends and family.
Seacrest Beach

Bikes and flip-flops are the transportation of choice here, except for the occasional golf cart loaded up with kids, coolers, umbrellas and sand buckets.

The “town center” of Seacrest is arguably The Village of South Walton Beach, featuring cute shops and restaurants, as well as a convenience store (Seacrest Sundries). The bubbling fountains out front are a persistent hit with bare-footed kids and weary parents seeking a momentary diversion.

In addition to Seacrest’s gorgeous beaches, there’s also a 12,000-square-foot swimming pool hidden in this expansive neighborhood.

30A's Emerald Coast

One would think that it’s difficult to “hide” a 12,000-square-foot pool, and yet, Seacrest somehow pulled it off. If you can find it (and if you’re a property homeowner or rental guest), it’s certainly worth checking out.

For bonus points, try to find South Walton’s ‘hidden’ beach bar, Crabby Steve’s. Even many locals aren’t aware that it exists, and yet it’s an amazing sand-side place to soak in some hot sun, delicious food and cold libations. Note: This one’s not accessible from the street, so you’ll need to get some sand between your toes to find this local hot spot!