How much did the first homes in Seaside cost? What impact did The Truman Show have on the tiny town? What will Seaside look like in 20 years?

In the 1970s, ROBERT DAVIS inherited 80 acres of beachfront property along Florida’s Gulf Coast. The only problem was that 40 years ago, practically no one wanted to live here. So, Davis stood on the side of the road in the sweltering Florida sun and gave away free lemonade to anyone who would pull over long enough to hear his story and vision.

His vision was Seaside — a new kind of town that would not only succeed beyond anyone’s expectation, but would spawn a global movement known as “New Urbanism,” inspiring the design of over 600 other new towns and community revitalization projects around the world.

Photos: Alissa Aryn Photography

30A’s Mike Ragsdale discusses Seaside’s past, present and future with Town Founder Robert Davis in this special 30A Radio presentation, made possible in part by Bud and Alley’s Restaurant Group, located on the beach in Seaside, Florida.


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