Secret boardwalks, gas lamps and bubbling fountains await those who explore Rosemary Beach by foot (or on a rental bike from Bamboo Bicycle Company), but the charming old-world town center is the true hub of daily life here. On the north side of 30A, an assortment of casual restaurants and upscale boutiques (including a surf shop for the beach-bound) surround a shaded lawn.

Rosemary-shoppingStart out with a cup of local coffee at Amavida, and peruse the great 30A Gear for sale there.

If you find yourself enamored with South Walton’s unique sense of style, there’s no better spot for home interior inspiration than Tracery, which has been written up in countless home and design magazines.

To reward your fabulous kids for good behavior after dragging them from store to store, there’s Gigi’s Fabulous Kids’ Fashions and Toys here, as well as Fitz and Emme for the younger tots. Or, if you prefer to reward yourself for a change, ladies, there’s also Willow in waiting.

The Merchants of Rosemary Beach have plenty of spots to stop in for a casual lunch and then even more for an upscale dinner.

There’s more here, of course. Much more. (Much much more.)… During the winter holidays, there’s a European market. In warmer weather, they’ll have brass bands parading through the streets. There’s always something new happening in Rosemary Beach. For a complete and current list of merchants, click here.