Ghost came into Alaqua Animal Refuge after being found on the side of the road in rural Alabama. He is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

A gorgeous three-year-old white German Shepherd, Ghost knows many commands, and is absolutely terrified of thunder. The first day he arrived, a storm rumbled in the distance and he tried to escape his kennel and threw his hip out of socket. Radiographs showed severe hip dysplasia in both hips, but also showed that his body was covered in lead pellets.

Staff can only assume, but they think that Ghost relates his painful experience from being shot to the thunder he hears. It is a heartbreaking sight to see this beautiful creature go from wagging his tail and giving kisses to absolute fear of this noise.

As in every case we see, once the good folks at Alaqua take in an animal, they pledge to do everything possible to give them a second chance. In this case, they utilized a speciality clinic in Tallahassee to perform the $1600 surgery and it went well. Ghost is back at the refuge but has a long road ahead of him. He will need additional surgery and most of all, an understanding family who can make sure that he never knows fear again. Dogs are amazing and forgiving creatures and with your help, we will do the best we can for this special dog.

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