The Walton County Sheriff’s Office received a phone call Wednesday morning from a concerned citizen in Sandestin saying she had recently become the victim of a phone scam. Although she don’t pay the money, she wanted other residents to know details so they can prevent their family and loved ones from being scammed.

The victim reported a person called her on the phone claiming to be a representative from Gulf Power, according to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office. The person told the victim her power was scheduled to be disconnected within the next 30 minutes if she did not call the collections office. The number they gave was 800-692-3930.

Upon calling the number the person on the other end told the victim that they could not accept a credit card or a check and proceeded to tell her to go to Dollar General and get the money wired or she would have to drive to the main office in Pensacola. The victim then hung up, the Sheriff’s Office reported.

The Sheriff’s Office is encouraging people to reach out to loved ones and remind them no company will ever make you wire funds.

If people have concerns, they should call the company’s main office to verify a claim.

Report scams to the Sheriff’s Office by calling 850-892-1111.