Recently, in a stretch of undeveloped woods, not far from where U.S. Highway 98 runs through Santa Rosa Beach, Amy Wright donned a full-body beekeeping suit and stooped to pull a section of honey comb from a hive.

The product of her labors is the new 30A Honey, which she scrapes from the comb, bottles and packages herself, a truly homegrown, all-natural product.



“Beekeeping, it’s a really different lifestyle,” Amy said. “Out here in the woods by yourself, you kind of forget where you are, how close you are to 98 and everything else going on out there. It’s really calming.”

Amy, born and raised in Destin, Fla., is a third-generation beekeeper, following in the footsteps of her grandfather and father. Two years ago she moved back home from Asheville, N.C., to try her hand at her own honey business with The Honey Hutch.

Amy Wright

Now she has 70 hives at her two bee yards in the area with about 25,000 bees working year round to build and maintain their intricate honey comb.

“So, we have lots of employees,” she joked.

This summer, Amy and The 30A Company partnered to launch the new 30A Honey line, which features a blend of honey from local wildflowers, packaged with an artful design incorporating the iconic 30A logo.

It not only tastes amazing, but it’s a great item to display on countertops back home. The honey is also used to make a fragrant, all-natural soap.

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